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The Spodek Law Group’s team of paralegals, staff members, and attorneys, have handled many snap violation defense cases for clients across the USA. Our firm has over 40 years of experience as a practicing, and operating, law firm. Our attorneys understand how tough, and complicated, judicial and administrative appeals can be – and have immense experience handling disqualifications. If your store is at risk for losing EBT and needs help – we can protect your store. We are one of the few law firm’s in the USA that focuses primarily on SNAP violation defense and EBT denials. Our law firm is proud to have had the privilege of helping clients all over the USA, ranging from California to NYC, we can handle all types of federal appeals issues. Our team can help represent your store in responding to SNAP violation charges, and preparing your SNAP appeal. We understand how to handle judicial snap appeals, and snap violations disqualifications and suspensions by the USDA. If your store has been qualified, don’t hesitate to contact our team immediately.


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The Spodek Law Group

Attorney Todd Spodek, our managing partner, is personally involved in each and every SNAP violation defense case. If your retail store is under investigation, or has been disqualified, then you need our law firm on your side. We have over 40 years of experience, and understand how to protect your retail establishment. Regardless of whether you just got your notice, or whether you have already been disqualified  we can help you. We understand the pressure you, and your employees, are under. Moreover, we are here and ready to help you.


We’re one of the few SNAP violation defense law firms who have a perfect 5 star yelp rating. Our firm has also been highly rated by other platforms like Google Places, Avvo, Find Law, and others.


Our law firm offers flexible payment plans. We make it easier to higher an attorney – by breaking up the overall cost into affordable flexible payments.


We are a service oriented law firm. We have over 40 years of experience, and take on fewer clients than other law firms. It enables us to constantly deliver results.

  • We offer payment plans, unlike other law firms, in order to make it so you can afford our services.
  • When handling SNAP, you need a firm who has experience handling tough cases. We have over 40 years.
  • We're one of the few firms to have a perfect 5 Star Yelp rating, proving you can trust us to help your store.

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Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Lawyer

Todd Spodek is our founding partner, and a second generation attorney at the Spodek Law Group. He is dedicated to helping retail store owners get the legal help they need. Regardless of where a store owner is at with the USDA – Todd handles all USDA SNAP violation cases personally. He understands how tough SNAP cases can be, not only for the store owner – but for the employees at the store. He will help you get the results you need. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are SNAP Violations?

A SNAP violation is when a business does not abide by the regulations that have been put in place for accepting food stamps. There are various types of violations, but these are some of the most common ones that you could possibly be accused of:

-Submitting false information when applying to become a provider for the SNAP program.

-Your business fraudulently took food stamps, including if an employee did so.

-Your business has accepted food stamp benefits for non-food items like alcohol or tobacco.

-Your business has redeemed more in food stamp sales than in actual food sales.

These are just some of the things that businesses can be accused of in regards to the food stamp program. If you are unsure of what you are being accused of, it’s important to work with an attorney. If you are accused, and in need of funding due to a lack of money , you can always speak to a small business funding company, like Delancey Street, that does hard money lending against your store.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Situation

Business owners who are accused of SNAP violations should not ignore this potentially serious situation. For one thing, your business could face serious financial implications. If a large percentage of your sales are based on EBT sales, then you could lose a lot of income by no longer being able to accept these benefits. Additionally, the people who live in your community and who rely on your business for the food that their family eats could be negatively affected by something like this as well.

Also, you should know that the USDA takes these types of violations very seriously and has taken steps to help prevent them from happening. Business owners can face serious fines — to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars — for SNAP violations. This could be enough to cripple your business.

Because of just how serious SNAP violations can be and just how negatively you, your business and your community could be affected by this, it is important to handle the situation properly. Even though you can appeal it yourself, this is probably not recommended. Instead, you will probably want to work with an experienced lawyer from a good law firm who can help provide you with the best defense possible.

Possible SNAP Defenses

There are various ways that a lawyer can defend you with this type of case. Your attorney will talk to you about the situation and read the letter from the USDA. Then, he or she will work on determining the best possible defense. This can help you avoid hefty fines and can help you maintain the ability to accept electronic food stamp benefits in your grocery store, convenience store or other type of business.

As you can see, a SNAP violation is something that you should take very seriously if you are a business owner who has been accepting food stamps at your place of business. This is not a situation that you should try to handle on your own. Instead, let our team of skilled and experienced attorneys help with your defense.

2What is SNAP?

If you are a business owner who owns and operates a grocery store, convenience store or other type of business that accepts food stamps, you might have recently been surprised with a letter in the mail from the USDA. Official SNAP violation notices are sent to business owners who are thought to have violated the regulations that go along with accepting food stamps. If you receive one of these letters, you should not hesitate to seek legal representation. Then, you can get the help that you need so that you can handle the matter.

First of all, if you aren’t sure of what SNAP is or why you have received a letter in the mail about it, you should know that SNAP stands for the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.” Many people refer to it as “food stamps.” With this program, the government gives individuals and families a certain amount of money each month to help them purchase the food that they need. There are regulations and laws in place about how this money should be used, and people who misuse these funds can face criminal charges.

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